Minister Lubinda deserves the beating he received

Minister Lubinda deserves the beating he received

It was a timely beating Given unto you Lubinda

Blessings Kafwanka writes …

The attack on the Mister of Justice, who is also the MP for my constituency, Kabwata, Hon. Given Lubinda is very unfortunate. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody. I wish him a quick recovery.

However, I think the minister was only given a taste of the medicine that he has been concocting together with his senior colleagues in the party. Political party cadres have been given so much power such that Law enforcement officers have a hard time discharging their duties.

In the recent past, we’ve witnessed cadres attacking innocent citizens and journalists in full view of the Police. No arrests are made. We’ve witnessed cadres abducting the Lusaka Mayor, attacking Council workers in Kabwe, attacking and verbally abusing political opponents without any action being taken. Cadres are illegally demarcating and selling land, all the Mayor, Lusaka Province minister and local authorities can do is plead with them to no avail. They are unstoppable.

Even when these thugs are well-known and there’s pictorial and video evidence to show them committing these offences, no action has been has been taken. The cadres are not even reprimanded by their seniors.

Someone must inform the honorable minister of Justice that his trip to the clinic to obtain a medical report and his subsequent visit to the police was all in vain. It’s very unlikely that the cadres will be arrested by the police. The best he will probably get is a promise that police will institute investigations into what transpired. An exercise that will obviously not bear any tangible result.

Unless action is taken to reverse this situation, even those MPs and subsequently Senior members of the party that are just watching and probably enjoying what is happening to their colleague could be the next victims of this hooliganism.

We cannot built foundations of our country without rule of law. Rule of law is one of the most vital elements in society

Blessings Kafwanka

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