Minister Lusambo wishes HH death

NORTHERN Province UPND chairman Nathan Ilunga says Zambia is very clearly headed for dictatorship.

And Ilunga says the opposition party is shocked by President Edgar Lungu’s silence over Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo’s wishing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema dead.

Lusambo, the Copperbelt Province minister, last Saturday said there would be no loss to the country if Hichilema, the UPND leader, died today.

The UPND should not be turning point for UPND. If HH died today, there will be no loss to the country. It will be a loss to his family only. But if Edgar Lungu dies, it will be a loss to the country. I want the doctors from Chainama to treat HH and UPND. They are suffering from metal disorders,
said Lusambo.

But Ilunga, who expressed shock at Lusambo’s statement, wondered why President Edar Lungu had remained mute over such inhumane remarks which came from one of his ministers.

“I wish to condemn Bowman Lusambo, the Copperbelt minister for the derogatory words he used against HH. That man does not deserve to be a leader and I tend to wonder whether he is a normal human being. And it is shocking that even after uttering such nonsense as minister, President Edgar Lungu is mute and can’t pass any comment to condemn such remarks. He claims to be a true Christian but he must know that he is not cheating the people of Zambia but himself. The mute stance the President has taken on Lusambo’s inhumane utterances just shows that he is agreeable with what Lusambo said,” Ilunga said.

He said the levels of hatred President Lungu and the PF were exhibiting against Hichilema were a wake up call for Zambians, as it clearly showed the country was headed for dictatorship.

“It is very sad that one would start wishing for another person’s death over politics. Zambians must know that we are clearly headed for dictatorship and one wonders whether the church and NGOs, which appear to be mute on this matter, are there for the voiceless or maybe they are there for their bellies and pockets. We have seen the church and the once vocal NGOs taking a back seat in serious matters affecting the nation and even failing to condemn the illegality that transpired during the 2016 general elections,” said Ilunga.

We have also heard that next on the chopping board is GBM (Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba), this is just an intention they have to cripple the opposition, especially UPND and leave the Zambian people vulnerable to manipulation through the introduction of a de facto one party state.

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