Minister Makebi in trouble for stealing clients money

Minister Makebi in trouble for stealing clients money

By Limpo Sitali

MUVI TV proprietor Steven Nyirenda has sued Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu’s law firm claiming immediate payment of K1,122,000 meant to refund Lucky One Enterprise and Property Limited.

Makebi was an upcoming young lawyer and was set to make a good name for himself during the Michael Sata era as he stood for victims of state terrorism. Little did we know that he was just another thief waiting for the right time to strike. When the time was ripe, Makebi joined Edgar Lungu’ party maybe because he was inspired by Lungu’s history of stealing clients’ money when he was a fake lawyer.

Nyirenda has sued Makebi Zulu and Advocates and is seeking damages for inconvenience, mental stress and anguish.

According to a claim filed in the Lusaka High Court principal registry, Nyirenda stated that he had transferred K2,500,000 to the law firm for the purposes of paying Lucky One Enterprise in June 2016.

He indicated that it was agreed by the parties that upon transfer of the said amount, Makebi Zulu & Advocates would immediately pay K2,122,000 into court for onward transmission to Lucky Enterprises in respect of Lot 3086/M Lusaka.

The difference was Makebi’s payment but like the greedy thief he has become, he kept everything.

Nyirenda stated that between June 30 and October 30, 2016, his lawyers from Milner and Paul Legal Practitioners wrote to the defendant to request for proof of payment of the money into court but that there was no response.

He stated further that later the same year, he wrote to the defendant’s law firm demanding the immediate transfer of K2,122,000 to his lawyers.

“To date, the defendant, despite several reminders, has neglected to transfer or pay the sum of K2,122,000 to the plaintiff’s lawyers but only paid a sum of K1,000,000, leaving an outstanding balance of K1,122,000,” stated Nyirenda who is further seeking interest on the said amount as well as costs and any other reliefs that the court might deem fit.

ZWD is disappointed but not surprised by the behaviour of our former colleague Makebi. We noticed traits of greediness in him as early as 2012 but we didn’t know it this bad.

Repent bro before it’s too late.

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