Minister Malanji buys another flying machine

Minister Malanji buys another flying machine


Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji has procured another Helicopter bringing his fleet of Helicopters to two as he positions himself to be President Lungu’s running mate.

Malanji is already being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Commission over the purchase of this first flying machine barely two months ago. But this week he has purchased yet another Helicopter for usage presidential campaigns as he positions himself for the running mate position. Malanji claims he is the only one suitable for the position as he will have mobility beyond the dissolution of Parliament since all Ministers will hand back their Govt vehicles and will have no access to ZAF planes and Helicopters.

Corruption and plunder of public resources has been the main stay of most PF leaders who have become stinking rich over night.

PF insides say Malanji has a fake G12 certificate which he manufactured in 2016 and has bribed Officials at Examination Council of Zambia to endorse it as genuine when in fact not.

‘We are waiting for Malanji to file in his fake Document with the Electoral Commission of Zambia and we shall expose his fake document,’ said one senior PF official.

Malanji, who is populary known as Bonanza has been going round the country distributing huge sums of money to marketeers and in most cases, pronouncing huge sums that he fails to fofill as is the case in Mongu where he promised marketeers big money but paid out K20 each to the marketeers in reality.

Apart from the fake certificate and open corruption, Malanji is said to be an Angolan who fled into Zambia during the Jonas Savimbi war.

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