Minister Malanji confirms buying private helicopter

Minister Malanji confirms buying private helicopter

Foreign Affairs minister Joseph Malanji has confirmed that he urchased a state of the art helicopter as reported by the Watchdog in the morning.

The WATCHDOG knows that the helicopters are actually three.

But Malanji claims that he did not buy the helicopter using money from proceeds of crime or his salary from government. But who said he did?

He said that he bought the flying machine from his lucrative businesses, which he did not mention.

He accused the Watchdog of being ignorant.

ZWD RESSPONSE: We may be nothing to you Sir. But we know what we know and we certainly know where and how to get information. By the way, how much did you pay in taxes on this helicopter? Are you aware that undervaluing items to evade tax is a criminal offence?

We are used to being insulted and being belittled but in the end we are almost always proved right.

We are on this case


Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Malanji has acquired a Bell 430 Helicopter from South Africa.

Kitwe District Commissioner, Chileshe Bweupe was on hand to receive Malanji when he travelled to Kitwe and landed the Helicopter with registration ZS-RZA at Kalulushi’s South-downs Airport.

The Bell 430 is a twin-engine light-medium helicopter built by Bell Helicopter of USA.

It is a stretched and more powerful development of the earlier version of the Bell 230.

The Bell 430 costs about $8.4million.

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