Minister Malanji joins race for running mate

Minister Malanji joins race for running mate

Malanji positioning himself for VEEP position…..identifies North Western Province as a launch pad

Foreign Affairs minister Joe Malanji has started positioning himself to become vice president of the ruling party in the forthcoming national convention, sources close to the project have revealed.

According to the source, Mr Malanji has identified North western province as a launch pad for the project.

So far, huge sums of money have been spent on the project by mobilising people that he thinks will rally behind him.

Those that are in forefront spearheading the project include western province minister Richard Kapita, his Permanent Secretary Danny Bukali, Mushindamo DC Emmanuel Chihili, Ikelenge DC Victor Kayakesi, Martin Mbaya, Kabinga Pande among others.

The source revealed that he started his project in 2018 when he first held a public rally in Solwezi at Kyawama school ground and distributed thousands of T-shirts labelled “Ba Mwisho baiya”.

” if you remember very well, in 2018 Hon Malanji came here in Solwezi were he donated chitenge materials to St Daniels Catholic church and later on held a public rally. This was done in the name of party mobilization, but that wasn’t the case. Only that the party here did not realise what he was up to. And if you recall very well, he promised that he will frequenting the province every after three months,” said the source.

The source mentioned that he was doing that hoping that the entire party in province would support his project by rallying behind him.

But after realising that the party was not for the idea, he changed the formula.

” He had realised that the party structures especially the PEC under Jackson Kungo would not support him, and that is why they made sure that Kungo is suspended from his position so that they push for an agenda of ensuring that their puppet is appointed chair.

If you recall very well, two weeks before Kungo was suspended from his position, Western province minister Richard Kapita and his PS Danny Bukali in company of Mushindamo DC Emmanuel Chihili, Ikelenge DC Victor Kayekesi and Martin Mbaya were in Mwinilunga on full sponsorship from Malanji without the knowledge of the provincial administration. The question is , what were they doing?

The source said apart from making sure that Kungo is suspended, it is also working on ensuring that North western province minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu and his PS Willies Mangimela and the DPS are fired from their positions.

“What they want is to have Kapita back to North western, Bukali as well, then Chihili be appointed DPS. Then, Kayekesi has been promised to be appointed provincial chair. As we speak, Kayekesi is going round the province soliciting for support from party structures funded by malanji. As of yesterday, Kayekesi was in Kabompo, but he was called back by the provincial minister and told him to stop his dirty game’s as Kungo has just been suspended for investigation purposes.

“The minister further called Bukali, shouted at him and instructed him to leave the province with immediate effect. But before he was called by the provincial minister, he went to the PS’s residence, but he was chased,” said the source.

The source further revealed that about K200,000 so far been pumped in the project to colause confusion in the province.

“And yesterday several meetings were held at Crossroads of which in one of the meetings which took place in the evening, the acting chairman Mr Shengemo, Mr Fulayi and the provincial youth chairman Hara and provincial mobilization coordinator Enock Kapalu were also in attendance. And they were given K10,000 each for them to start communicating with the party structures in the province,” the source revealed.

Further, Bakuli has organised some members of the party to meet the Special Assistant to the President for Politics Zimani Zimba who is currently lodged at Crossroads.

“The reason for this meeting with Mr Zimba is simple, they want to give wrong about Kungo’ information so that he (Zimba) takes to Head of State,” revealed the source.

The source wondered why the President has allowed a few individuals to bring confusion in the party.

“And if these people think they are fighting Kungo, at the end of the day it is the party that is going to suffer and not Kungo as he will lose nothing
Because if you see, all the people involved in all these confusion, they are all MMD chaps who are up to nothing but to see the president Edgar Lungu lose power like they did to RB,” said the source. PF are you ready to rule after 2021 or you are tired.

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