Minister Malanji sends emissary to person he robbed vehicle

Minister Malanji sends emissary to person he robbed vehicle

Following the publication of the story involving theft of motor vehicle belonging to Handson Sindowe by minister Joe Malanji, the Minister went into overdrive and sent an emmisary to see Sindowe at his farm house in Lilayi to plead with him to write a note to President Edgar Lungu debunking the story in the ZWD as having not happened.

The vehicle in question was a Peugeot 504 which Malanji borrowed from Sindowe to go and pose with Kitwe prostitutes for a day.

After a night of partying, Malanji crossed over with the vehicle into Congo DRC , then called Zaire and sold it off and reported back that it had been stolen. A total lie.

Sindowe told the emissary that he was not prepared to clean Malanji because he already lost a vehicle and whatever happened was now water under the bridge.

The emmisary who was paid by Malanji left Sindowe’s house a very disappointed man.

Malanji’s concern is that the ZWD was denting his reputation through constant publications about his past life. He now fears that he might lose his job. Attempts by Malanji to meet Sindowe in person have all failed. He says only Sindowe can clear his name.

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