Minister Mushimba says Zambians are angry

Minister Mushimba says Zambians are angry

Brian Mushimba pretends that he does not know why Zambians are angry.

MINISTER of Transport and Communication Dr Brian Mushimba writes …

“I have come to the realization of a disturbing trend taking hold in our psyche as a people. The cynicism and lack of trust in anything and among ourselves. The anger and bitterness that even removes the basic civility and cordiality I once knew Zambians had.

I’m not very sure what is fueling this. I suspect It’s the emergence of social media. May be it’s the perceived comfort and protection social media gives that I don’t have to face someone face to face and therefore I’m liberated to spew anything out from my mouth/mind and can care less. Because I believe face to face, the courage to say some of the things we have been saying to each other we may not have.

I have always said we can agree to disagree and still be honorable to each other. Still be respectful to each other. I have always known Zambians to be easy going, peaceful, respectful and purposeful. Very humble.
Accommodating, understanding and humane.

I’m highly disturbed now by the new militancy I’m seeing on social media because it’s not who we are.

I have lived 44yrs now and through KK, FTJ, LPM, RB, King Cobra and now Ba Mwine. I have not seen before the anger and the baldness it’s being exhibited with. It’s something new and foreign we are importing. And we don’t even fully understand what this thing we are embracing is capable of doing among ourselves.

Everyone is being turned against everyone. If I belong to a political persuasion you don’t subscribe to, then it’s fair game to insult me, belittle me, shout at me and throw stones at me even when what is needed is more love amongst us.

I’m perturbed by this new and emerging Zambia. I think we must fight this new Zambia and remain the Zambia we have been.

I pray today that we show less impatience to our neighbor, to our partner, to our children, to our government. We are not perfect. You can find many things to be upset about with your children, your spouse, your government but today I ask that we reflect and show more patience, love and being in this together attitude. After all, we only have each other as Zambians.

Let’s build each other instead of tearing each other down. Point out in the most civil way where your friend has errored. Help in finding solutions. That’s who we are! Happy Sunday!”

ZWD Comment: Corruption, cronyism, theft, tribalism, shoddy works, poverty, divide and rule  and impunity in PF is what is causing anger in Zambians and not the birth of the Internet as Mushimba wants to pretend. He actually knows

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    M. Kachali 2 weeks ago

    Please give Zambians a break. There is extremely extravagant spending of revenues on exaggerated costs on projects muted by PF government. We heard of a new Presidential Jet which we thought was just a wash wish idea but alas it came to pass. We also heard of building a new State House, God forbid, let this project not materialise by all means. Take resources to more priority areas. Downing Street buildings remain useful in England today which I believe are much much order than our State House. The late President Sata could not have done absurd things we are seeing today because he had a vision for this country and its people. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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    welcome to dundumwezi mr.minister, this group is angry because their small god has failed to go to grade eight 5 times. its a pity that even God is now angry with them by not giving them rains.

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    China 2 weeks ago

    Even spokespersons are angry at citizens. Some have even been called ‘dogs’.

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    Pimbi Mano 2 weeks ago

    Minister Mushimba must be living on Mars! Zambians are angry because they have a government that doesn’t care about citizens. A Government that is wasteful and corrupt hence prepared to spend millions of Dollars to purchase a jet for a citizen who does not even pay tax when hospitals have no medicines.

    Students are angry because you have decided to starve them. Farmers are angry because you have decided to use them a slaves to produce cheap maize for you to export to Congo.

    Youths are angry because you have failed to create jobs for them. Pensioners are angry because you have failed to pay them their benefits. Civil Servants are angry because you have appointed cadres into the Service and can’t pay them on time. Civil Servants are angry because you have decided to fire them for doing their job.

    Other tribes are angry because you have decided to only develop the Northern and Eastern Regions while other regions are supposed to remain underdeveloped.

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    TOLILO 2 weeks ago

    Sir you are the minister of RATSA which has been mandated to tax us to death thru fake traffic offences,rude traffic officers always taking people to fast track kangaroo court(you are quilty & have to prove yourself innocent!) & the speed cameras which is a money spinner!!Our Mobile service providers are “chewing” our talk time & bundles without being reprimanded by ZICTA

    These bwana Mushimba is what your ministry is contributing to making Zambians angry.Its the hardships sir

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    This is the time when the rich become more richer while the poor become more poorer,those in high authority do not consider the plight of majority zambians who starve by surviving with meals of less than a dollar a my brother mashimba don’t perceive that there is an influence of social media,to be sincere with you my brother all seemed to be well with you and your go abroad for Medication but majority poor zambians have to queue for hour despite hurls of insults from medical personnel’s only to be given a Panadol and medical prescription.

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    Patriot 2 weeks ago

    Does he expect people to be happy with him when he spends colossal tax payers money on treatments abroad when the majority of people wallow in substandard health services at home.