Minister Mwanakatwe accused of failing to pay back K1.5M CEEC loan

Minister Mwanakatwe accused of failing to pay back K1.5M CEEC loan

Margerate Mwanakatwe

Margerate Mwanakatwe

PF minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Margerate Mwanakatwe has failed to repay a K1.5 million (K1.5 billion old currency) she obtained from the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Zambian Voice director Chiufya Tayali has revealed that he has evidence to prove this allegation that Mwanakatwe together with her husband Mupanga Mwanakatwe contracted a K1.5 million loan using a company name called Aluworks Industries Limited which it says she co-owns.

Speaking during a media briefing this morning in Lusaka Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says his organization is concerned because the CEEC funds are meant to benefit the poor in the country.

Tayali said his organization finds it therefore unfortunate that the CEEC funds are allegedly marred with corruption and political patronage.

He disclosed that to this effect he has personally written to the CEEC a letter which he has also copied to Mrs. Mwanakatwe asking for explanation on when she will pay back the loan to the CEEC.

Tayali says the Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister has however not responded besides the CEEC management remaining mute on the matter.

He has also expressed concern that the CEEC has been allegedly giving loans to citizens who are in influential positions such as senior government officials.

Efforts to get a comment from Mrs. Mwanakatwe proved futile by post time.

And Tayali has further expressed concern that cost of living in Zambia is on the rise.

He noted while the prices of goods and services are going up, the income for the people in the country is not increasing.

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