Minister Nonde accused of conniving with ABSA

Minister Nonde accused of conniving with ABSA



On Tuesday 20th October 2020, The Honourable Minister of Labour and Social Security, Joyce Simukoko Nonde , was served court papers challenging her decision dated 14th October 2020 to overrule the position of the directive given by Labour Commissioner against Absa Bank on the basis of, among other things, the Minister’s decision made out of time as prescribed by law.

When copy of the Ministers letter of decision to overturn the Labour Commissioner’s directive was asked for, it has been found that in reaction to this, the Honourable Minister has had the letter re-done, backdated to 12th October 2020. This was clearly a move to defeat the ends of justice and was being made against poor Zambian employees.

The concerned employees however already had evidence of engagement deferring decision to 14th October 2020, as well as a copy of the letter done on 14th October 2020 and other documents confirming the date on which the decision was made. The trail is all there.

The Absa management employees complained to the Labor Commissioner in June 2020 over Absa bank making unilateral adverse changes to their conditions of service in December 2019 which should have triggered a redundancy for those who did not consent in line with the Employment Code Act of 2019- section 55(1)(c). This position was confirmed by the office of the Labor Commissioner after reviewing evidence provided in a directive made to Absa Bank in September 2020.

However the Executive management of Absa Bank appealed to the Honorable Minister , Joyce Simukoko Nonde to overturn the decision, which she has now done out of time.

If the minister to who the Zambian worker should run to behaves as such, how will the rights of the Zambian worker be protected?

Because of the fraudulent backdating of the facts by the minister, the ABSA middle management are contemplating taki

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