Minister of national guidance irrelevant

By Friday Kashiwa
The Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs was created in October 2016 with the main objective of Promoting National Values, Principles and Ethics.
The first Minister to be appointed and still serving is Rev Godfridah Sumaili, from some Halleluya Amen Church.
For all purposes and intents, this objective was crafted and created in good faith and only comparable to the One Zambia One Nation of Dr Kenneth Kaunda proclaimed principle..
But unfortunately, the principle behind the creation of the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs is just on paper because what is obtaining on the ground is totally the opposite – valueless, unprincipled and unethical national characteristics.
The Ministry has a hugely and conspicuously absent Minister or to be fair to her, only visible once in a year – October Day of National Prayers and Reconciliations.
The first time zambians felt her leadership presence was when she viciously and furiously denied the entry into the country of Zodwa Wabantu, the South African socialite, citing issues to do with morals and ethical values.
We all gave her some benefit of doubt.
From that time, the country has witnessed some Zodwa like immoral and other pornographic displays perpetratuated by her own cabinet colleagues and others within the corridors of power.
For all these, the absent Minister is not only mute but non-committal.
Just few days ago, her female cabinet colleague , Dora Siliya is on record encouraging traditional leaders in Eastern Province to dubiously or steal from the Social Cash benefits, the money meant for the most vulnerable people of the society.
For those who have just come into the country, Dora Siliya is the Chief Government spokesperson, her views can be deemed as Government policy.
Dora Siliya is on record promoting the most vicious, divisive and dangerous tribal hatred between the Tongas and the good people of the Eastern Province.
If this is not regarded as immoral and dangerously unethical, then Rev Godfridah Sumaili needs to give us what constitutes National Values and Principles.
The other day zambians cried and pleaded to her to condemn the brutal dehumanizing and degrading treatment of Mrs Chishimba Kambwili and her daughter by the Police.
Todate our Zodwa targeted and only October active Minister is not only mute but non-committal.
So most people keep wondering if the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs is relevant or it’s the Minister in charge who is irrelevant and a missed call appointment.
Friday Kashiwa.
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