Minister of sports just want to frustrate Kamanga team

The Minister of Sports Is Out To Frustrate The Kamanga Led FAZ Administration.

This now amounts to interference in the running of football. The Minister is clearly a Kalusha operative. We all love *Great Kalu* but not at the expense of the development of football in the country. Let me walk you through a series of events and judge for yourself:

*#* FAZ finds a coach but it is told he won’t be given a work permit even if FAZ pays him because the procedure used was flawed.

*#* Next thing, FAZ is told to follow a “correct” procedure of which FAZ advises that advertising would only attract expensive coaches.

*#* FAZ follows the Minister’s procedure; advertises and shortlists the coaches and chooses the coach, with the entire nation following.

*#* Next step is to confirm the coach but then FAZ is told to leave the Ministry of Sports after a meeting held to inform the Ministry the selection of the coach, is cancelled.

The Minister now claims FAZ didn’t write to the Ministry, but FAZ insists the letter was prepared and delivered. FAZ actually went to meet PS yesterday at 09:30hrs.

At this stage what is FAZ supposed to do? It’s very clear that the Minister is intentionally trying to frustrate the current FAZ administration at the expense of the development of football. Can the FAZ Patron take keen interest in this?

_Concerned Football Fan!_

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