Minister, PS implicated in sex for jobs scandal

Minister, PS implicated in sex for jobs scandal

Two high ranking government officials have been caught in a sex scandal. Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe and Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe have been implicated in a sex scandal involving young female journalists in Ndola.

The names of the young journalists have been withheld, however sources at the Provincial Administration in Ndola confirmed that both men offered jobs to young journalists in exchange for sex.

They revealed that a young Journalist working for SUN FM in Ndola has been offering sexual favours to Mr Mwakalombe who promised her a job in Lusaka at Hot FM where he is a minority shareholder.

“What is happening is that these senior officials have gone on rampage abusing young girls in the media especially in Ndola. In the case of Mr Mwakalombe, the young girl in question even travelled to Hot FM in Lusaka on the understanding that Mr Mwakalombe owns the station and will be given the job as promised but Hot FM management turned her down,” the sources said.

They added, “Apart from the Minister and the P.S, we also have some PF Councillors who are also in the same habit of sleeping with young Journalists so that they can give them some money, trips and jobs.”

“For Mr Mwakalombe, here at the Office, we are not even surprised. His sexual immorality is well documented but it is just said that he is lying to these young girls. Some of them are actually very young, he is old enough to be the Dad.”

When reached, Mr Mwakalombe denied the reports and declined to give further comments saying he is in Lusaka attending Parliament.

Mr Nundwe on the other hand did not answer the calls and did not respond to text messages when asked about the scandal.

The sources have however challenged the two officials that they will release more details of their sexual exploitation of young female Journalists if they do not change their ways.

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