Minister says Easterners shouldn’t be used just to finish other’s presidential terms

LOCAL government minister John Phiri says Easterners must not allow themselves to be used to finish other people’s presidential terms because the region has great political influence.

Dr Phiri called on Easterners to unite and refuse to be used as finishers of other people’s presidential terms as they were capable of running the country. “Easterners must not be used to finish presidential terms of other past presidents. When president Levy Mwanawasa died, Rupiah Banda was used to end his term of office and now it’s President Edgar Lungu who took over from late president Michael Sata. Let’s unite and refuse to be used to end these terms. I say so because Eastern Province has political influence and what it takes to produce a president to serve Zambia for a whole term of office,” he said.

Dr Phiri disclosed that his call was not discriminatory or aimed at breaking the One Zambia One Nation motto. He said he was sure and confident that President Edgar Lungu had lived up to the legacy of the late Sata

Meanwhile, Dr Phiri said the country’s political dispensation had changed and that there was need for hard work. “Next year, it will be a volatile moment of elections; check and evaluate your works. We can cheat one another as politicians but we can’t cheat God. As you evaluate yourselves, be mindful that the political dispensation of this country has changed; since Chiluba’s (time) it is gymnastic type of politics,” said Dr Phiri.

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