Minister says Zambia will stiffen laws against homosexuality

MINISTER of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili says Government intends to stiffen laws against homosexuality.
Speaking when he phoned the ‘Let the People Talk’ live radio programme on Radio Phoenix, Mr Kambwili said Government will help the people of Zambia to fight the vice with vigour.
He said Government will “not tolerate nonsense” and that homosexuality will not prevail in this country.
“We don’t want Zambia’s children to be taught any vice. We will not tolerate homosexuality. Those who want to promote homosexuality in Zambia are wasting their time. If anything, we are planning to stiffen laws against homosexuality,” he said.
And US-based Zambian Evangelist Edward Chomba said homosexuality should not be given a chance in the country.
Speaking during the same programme, Bishop Chomba said if homosexuality is given a platform for debate, “it will grow deep and derail our customs”.
“We are not judging anyone but these people [homosexuals] are not okay. Homosexuality should not be given an inch. If we say Zambia is a Christian nation, then we should stop doing secular things. All our actions should be based on what God is saying. So what does God say about homosexuality; he condemns it, we should condemn it too,” he said.
He said even in a liberal country like the United States, where he has spent more than two decades, very few people support homosexuality.
“It is a statement of fact that 88 percent of Americans don’t support homosexuality. I don’t see why Zambia should fall for such a vice,” he said.
He said the activists are advocating homosexuality in the name of human rights but homosexuality is not a human right.
“Rights include the right to education, life and speech but homosexuality is not a right. Homosexuality is a practice of two consenting people of the same sex who know very well that what they are doing is very wrong. And then they fight it in the name of human rights, what right?” he asked.
He said the Zambian society will not condemn gays and lesbians but it will correct them.
“The US has its own laws, for example, you cannot be a polygamist there and we don’t interfere with their laws but why should homosexuality be forced [on us]? We shouldn’t think that good things come from the West.
We have a lot of good things in Zambia. The government and everyone else should condemn this vice in the strongest way possible. Members of Parliament come on TV to talk about male circumcision; why can’t they condemn homosexuality using the same forum?” Bishop Chomba asked.
Meanwhile, Islamic Supreme Council treasurer Akidu Yusuf said if a country tolerates homosexuality, that is the beginning of the downfall of that country.
He said if the Western communities want to bring funds to Zambia with a condition that we support homosexuality, then the money is not coming from pure hearts.
“To hell with their money,” he said.

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