Minister Siliya claims ZNBC not owned by Chinese

Minister Siliya claims ZNBC not owned by Chinese

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya has reacted to revelations that public broadcaster, ZNBC is owned by the Chinese.

In her tweet from her official twitter account this morning, Siliya said;

“Reports purporting that the Chinese own 60% of ZNBC once again reflect poor journalism.ZNBC IS 100% ZAMBIAN.”
“ZNBC is indeed in an SPV with StarTimes called Top star where ZNBC has 40%. The SPV is facilitating digital migration.”

She has however conceded that a separate company to carry digital signal called Topstar is jointly owned and has shared commercial agreement by both ZNBC and Star Times, a Chinese company.

Details coming later;

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  • comment-avatar
    Dolopo 2 weeks ago

    No reality in what she was saying.

  • comment-avatar
    tasman 2 weeks ago

    Who can believe this idiot dora?

  • comment-avatar
    Mwendanjangular 2 weeks ago

    This is Chinese take over and Siliya just shut up because this will just confuse you! It’s not like pawing for a f**k with Lungu or Kambwili, mwagulisa chali galu za chiwewe imwe! Lungu once claimed he will borrow as much as he can, now you see the disaster you have landed the country into, its treasonous.

  • comment-avatar
    Break News 2 weeks ago

    Watch China Is Secretly Taking Over Zambia on YouTube

  • comment-avatar
    muntungwa 2 weeks ago

    So what do we believe.