Minister Siliya reported to police for inciting tribal hatred

Minister Siliya reported to police for inciting tribal hatred

Find a letter from a private citizen Thomas Allan Zgambo lodging an official complaint to the Zambia Police against Information Minister Dora Siliya’s tribal and hate speech.


Mr. Mudford Mwandenga

Chairman, Permanent Human Rights Commission,

Re: Tribal remarks against Tongas, Minister Dora Siliya

1. I am a Zambian national of Tonga extraction.

2. A while ago, I got a voice recording putporting to be thst of Dora Siliya, Hon Minister of Information.

3. In it, Minister Siliya is heard addressing a crowd in the eastern province in which she is openly engaging in vile tribal incitement against Tonga people

4. Specifically she is heard saying Tongas have riseno against us the esterners

5. She is urging easterners to vote for president Edgar Lungu who is purported to be easterner in order by keep the presidency in that region.

6. She is saying Bembas are laughing at easterners for voting for UPND and Hakainde Hichilema in the last election instead of the ruling PF and Edgar Lungu.

7. I regard this not only a violation of the ethics governing ministers under the Parliamenrary and Ministerial Code of Conduct Act but also violation of the Penal Code which explicitly prescribes and criminalises tribalism

8. I therefore would like to formally submit this complaint and to request you ask the president for the immediate suspension from office of minister Dora Silia to allow for fuse investigation of this matter and

9. To immediately summon minister Siliya to explain her purported remarks to assist in preparing your recommendations as to the redress of this matter

10. I am available to appear before you at your pleasure to provide further testimony to this and to be cross examined by Minister Siliya or her Counsel on this complaint

Prof. Michelo Hansungule

(+27) 72 450 65 49

29 October 2020

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