Minister struggles to pronounce ‘majoritarian’

Minister struggles to pronounce ‘majoritarian’


Mazoka writes..

I watched and listened to the address by the Minister of Information earlier today. The problem for me was the content of her speech, not the delivery.

The Minisiter could have simply said “We encourage Mr Raphael Nakacinda and other former PF government leaders to continue enjoying the right to free speech that they denied so many Zambians during their time in office. When we say it is a new dawn, we mean it. The new dawn government will protect and defend citizens’ freedom of expression to the hilt, even in instances where the exercise of that right amounts to saying nothing substantive or sensible”.

As a matter of fact, l do not think Mr Nakacinda’s sentiments deserved any response from the Chief Government spokesperson.

The contents of her speech contradict
the new governments stated commitment to upholding the freedom of expression.

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