Minister Yalumaa must stop lying

[Mopani Mines And KCM Have Not Reinstalled Ex-Miners].

The Editor!

Fake Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma must stop dreaming claiming that the thousands of Miners who were retrenched have been reinstalled.Its like the Mining Companies are feeding this Chap (Yaluma) with fake reports.Iam one of the Engineers at MCM & i know what iam talking about.Out of the thousands and thousands and thousands of Miners that were retrenched,only about 90 or less have been reinstalled.Christopher must not just get fake reports from MCM & KCM,instead he should come to the Copperbelt and see for himself how are the People/Ex-Miners are suffering.I understand these Mining Companies have been faking the Govt about the reinstallations of Miners & fake employment just to show off to the Govt.
From the ‘Times Of Zambia Newspapers’, Mopani Mines had been publicly advertising about the Upskilling of Artisans in different field.Believe me you, Tell Yaluma to come and check for himself if there is any single Artisan who have been Upskilled yet they [MCM] made their advertisements in December last year just to show off to Lungu & Yaluma the fake Mines Minister.PF Govt is pretending that things are well in our Country when infact not.The economy of this Country is going from bad to worse.The reason is simple,we have a fake President and fake Ministers who have no capacities to sort out serious problems affecting our Country.YALUMA MUST COME TO COPPERBELT AND POINT THE MINERS THAT HAVE BEEN REINSTALLED

[Jane,Zagalife Corp]

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