Ministerial appointments meaningless

The type of people any president appoints to serve as his ministers directly and significantly determine the performance and achievements of that president and his administration. This is because by virtue of their position, cabinet ministers have the authority and influence to determine and influence policy direction and policy implementation. When you have a team of focused, disciplined, patriotic and dedicated professionals or experts who share and believe in your vision as president, it is easy for you to deliver but if you surround yourself with spineless charlatans, ignorant cadres, nicompoops and YES men who just sing your praises and flatter you just to keep their jobs then you are doomed.

Constitutionally, the role of cabinet ministers is threefold: 1. To formulate policy 2. To cause the implementation of policy and 3. To advise the president on policy matters and other such relevant matters of national importance.

Just by looking at the job description it is clear that in order for any president to perform well he needs a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and principled men and women as ministers not some ignorant opportunists who thrive on tuchawa and muzungu anikonde antics.

Cabinet appointments should be made on MERIT not on the basis of political expediency, nepotism, tribalism or as a way of rewarding those who helped you campaign because the quality of the cabinet determines the quality of leadership one would offer.

And if one just take a casual look at most of the cabinet appointments president Edgar Lungu has so far made it is clear that they are not based on MERITOCRACY but political expediency, Wako ni Wako and as a way of rewarding those that helped him win the presidential election. It is therefore not surprising that today we find ourselves in this economic quagmire with no hope of coming out of this abyss.

Antonio Mwanza
Spokesperson FDD

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