Ministers Emerine Kabanshi and Jean Kapata illegally acquire Kabwe land

Kabwe municipal council are today holding a full council meeting to approve the indiscriminate sharing of land by PF cadres, but opposition UPND has called on government investigative wings to move in and stop the fraud. Among the beneficiaries are Community Development Mother and Child Health minister Emerine Kabanshi and her deputy Jean Kapata among other PF thieves.

Reliable sources told the Zambian Watchdog that Kabanshi and Kapata, working in league with PF cadre Kabwe Town clerk Oliver Muuka, Director of Development Planning Naomi Sakala and Director Administration Rabecca Chirwa were allocated plots numbered 11402 and 11394 respectively in the soon to be opened plush Mukuyu residential area.

Others in this land scandal are the two useless PF MPs Sydney Mushanga (11399), James Kapyanga (11398), Mayor Moses Mwansa (11389), Director Administration Rabecca Chirwa (11400), District commissioner Patrick Chishala (11395), Provincial local government officer Alfred Nyambose (11393), Wina Munamonga of Electoral Commission of Zambia (11386), Charles Ufwenuka of Ministry of lands (11397) and suspended Petauke council secretary Boyd Mboyi who has used sex to benefit as he has an out of wedlock child with the ka Naomi Sakala.

Muuka and company’s actions are an appeasement to protect themselves from disciplinary action but like we have done to other criminals ripping the country, we shall have specific days’ articles about these officers so that ailing dictator Michael Sata understands how deep rotten his system is. As for that pathological thief Chishala, we need not to write much.

The council has opened up some areas and will hoodwink people in form of adverts, people will apply at the cost of K1,000 per form but this money will be pocketed by the thieving council as all the land has already been apportioned by the land maniac councilors prior to the advertisement.

UPND central province Youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe blew the whistle about the scam, we also reported that DC Patrick Chishala, that thief who stole from Shoprite supermarket and from his church was a beneficiary of this scam. We won’t say much but will reproduce an extract of the minutes of that evil meeting of 14th March, 2014. We hope the Kabwe people will ask for the reversal of this exercise, and ACC should pounce on the perpetrators.

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