Ministers funding project to overthrow Gawa Undi named

Ministers funding project to overthrow Gawa Undi named


The Chewa royal establishment is up in arms with minister Vincent Mwale and his accomplices Mr Christopher Phiri for taking their Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi to court. They have even vowed and announced that they will shade their last drops of blood defending their Paramount Chief.

PF Ministers in Eastern Province have ganged up to remove Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi from the throne with a view of replacing him with a Christopher Phiri a person they will easily manipulate and control. Details have emerged that Infrastructure Development Minister Hon Vincent Mwale is the sole master minder behind the planned move to remove Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewa kingdom from the throne

The Minister is said to be disappointed with the Chewa chiefs in Chipangali District who are the majority, for not buying in and consolidating his Presidential ambitions as Running Mate in the ruling Patriotic Front, according to the consultative meetings he has been having for his running mate aspirations. After getting his shares of Money for Road Contracts awarded to Jonda and Moses Moyo, Vincent Mwale is the richest guy in town going to the extent of fighting one of the biggest tribe in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.

While everyone was asleep, Vincent promised sidelining the Chewa Royal establishments in terms of developments . Before last year in 2018, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu donated K400,000 for Thamanda secondary school in Chief Chanje area but only K100,000 was received and the Presidential Project has become a white Elephant

In the past 15 years that Vincent Mwale has been Member of Parliament for Chipangali, there has never been any tangible development done in the Chewa land. Even today, non of the roads being graded by Horizon and Tomorrow Investment in Chipangali District are anywhere nearer the Chewa kingdoms. However, in the new turn of events, it has come out that Hon Vincent Mwale is working with Traditional Affairs Minister Hon Davies Sichalwe and Dora Siliya for this cause of wanting to dethrone Kalonga Gawa Undi. Traditional Affairs Minister was recently given a huge heft contract by Infrastructure Development Minister Hon Vincent Mwale to make sure that Kalonga Gawa Undi is dethroned from the chieftainship

Christopher Phiri the one who has taken Kalonga to court, is just a peasant farmer from Chadiza area funded by Hon Vincent Mwale who is covering his legal costs . Hon Vincent Mwale who recently bought MZIPAS School in Chipata at a total cost of K2,000,000 cash, also owns among other properties, state of the art farms in Lusaka West where his friend confidant Folly Tembo is a site supervisor getting monthly pay more than a civil servant. Vincent has assured Christopher Phiri of his full sponsorship for legal fees because it was also government position to fight Kalonga Gawa Undi to see to it that such chiefs are dealt with and make their royal establishment ungovernable according to Hon Mwale.

But In a Facebook posting few days ago one of the PF cadres Maxson Nkhoma who is a Chewa from Chieftainess Mkanda of Chipangali District without mentioning any names hinted out that the Chewa Royal establishment had unearthed a scam to destabilize the Chewa Royal establishment. The cadre did not give details of the names of the people involved but emphasised that the Chewas were well aware of the scheme to destabilize the Chewa Royal establishment.

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