Ministers give themselves more money amid austerity

Ministers give themselves more money amid austerity


Edgar Lungu and his ministers have given themselves hefty unconstitutional allowances amidst the announced austerity measures that government is implementing.

As can be seen from this June payslip for Mulenga Kampamba obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, the minister whose employee number is 0237400, NRC 331321/67/1 is getting among others allowances,

K4,806,54 as Political Allowance,

K32,715,20 as Motor Vehicle Replacement

K4,860,70 as Utility Allowance,

K9,975,00 as Non-Statutory Allowance

Presidential and other constitutional office holders salaries and allowances are approved by parliament. But it’s not clear how the PF approved these allowances amidst the announced austerity measures.

And this is just for one minister, yet the PF in the process of has introducing deputy ministers.

And if the constitutional amendments will be approved, these salaries and allowances will continue until the voting day as parliament won’t be dissolved.

And these are the ministers who offered civil servants a paltry 4 percent increments yet they have hidden unconstitutional allowances for themselves.

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    Bu KILINI MANI BWABUFI! 2 weeks ago

    Allowances cant be that much more than one’s salary mwebantu! These allowances are designed to launder corrupt payments.
    Why ba Lungu are you presiding over such obvious corruption and pretending to be clean??? What are Motor vehicle replacement and Motor vehicle allowances totalling K38,000????
    Why does a minister need Motor vehicle replacement allowance?

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    Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

    Those in leadership positions should give top priority to fixing the economy and not filling their pockets with taxpayers money. Their is no way that a country can develop when those in Government are looting the treasury. Our politicians know very well that their work is not making any difference to the economy. So what is the justification for high pay? This selfishness of the highest order which will not be tolerated in Barotseland.

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      Draw Parallels 2 weeks ago

      Zambian’s should blame themselves, 48 flat are discovered like mushrooms in forest. We are not demanding answers, now you ministers are being given vala mulomo (Keep quite).
      This another Zimbabwe in the making –
      Watch “Zimbabweans Must Support August 16 Protest March” on YouTube