Minister’s husband joins opposition

Former Republican Vice President in Mwanawasa’s Government, Mr Lupando Mwape has said that people in the country are suffering as a result of the poor leadership of the ruling Patriotic Front. Speaking this morning at Chainama Hotel in Lusaka, when he officially joined the United Party for National Development (UPND), Mr Mwape said that it is now clear as day that Zambians have been subjected to inhumane torture under the Patriotic Front.

Mr Mwape said Zambians must reject politicians preaching hate speech, charging that Zambia is a unitary state and its people must remain united and peaceful and should switch off from those that want to divide the country. Mr Mwape, who is also a former Member of Parliament for Lukashya Constituency in Northern Province says he would not want to be part of those who were preaching hate, instigating violence, and seeking to tear the country apart. He added that a responsible government cannot be perpetuating divisions in the country at the expense of development that the people want, but is so clearly lacking under the PF Government.

Mr Mwape further recounted how the cost of living was relatively cheaper when he was Vice President, and how during that time they managed to save jobs in the mining sector on the Copperbelt even when the country was going through a difficult period.

Mr Mwape said he was excited and hopeful to be joining the UPND as a party that is focused on providing solutions to address the various social and economic challenges that Zambians are facing.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event Zambia’s former first Minister of Gender Rose Banda said that Zambians will not stop at anything until they vote out the PF this year. The former Milanzi MMD Member of Parliament, who has also joined UPND, says Eastern Province has resolved to rally behind the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema because of his outstanding leadership skills and vision. Ms Banda joined the UPND along with the entire MMD structures in Milanzi constituency and attended with senior Headman Chimozi who was representing traditional leadership in the area.


Speaking at the same event when he officially joined the UPND, Brian Mukuyu Ngimbu, husband to the PF Lands Minister and Zambezi West Member of Parliament said that his decision was arrived at after noticing that the PF is a sinking titanic which cannot provide solutions to the numerous challenges Zambians are facing.

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