Ministers, PSs, senior govt officials cut bald heads in Sata’s absence

There is a huge relief among ailing dictator Michael Sata’s ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and some close aides as most of them have cut their hair and are now spotting bald heads, at least for 14 days with the hope that their hair would have grown by the time he returns from medication abroad.

Highly placed sources and a check on some ministers and other senior government officials show that they have at least cut their hair and now spotting bald heads or heavily trimmed hair cuts while the boss who is bald-hair phobic is still away.

President Sata’s Malawian traditional herbs for survival do not allow people with bald heads near him and many bread-winners have actually lost jobs for merely spotting bald-heads.

Mr. Sata has not hidden his dislike for bald-heads as he has even publicly embarrassed and publicly attacked fellow leaders such as South Africa Jacob Zuma at international fora such as the recent African Union summit.

At the recent AU summit, Mr. Sata walked over to president Zuma and mocked him over the bald head before slapping him in the head.

Highly placed sources also revealed that part of the reasons Mr. Sata has been shunning regional meetings especially the SADC Heads of State Summit is the fear for Jacob Zuma’s bald head.

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