Ministers who stayed in office illegally to pay. k65000 each

Ministers who stayed in office illegally to pay. k65000 each

Lusaka-7th December 2020

The Registrar of the Constitutional Court, Hon. D.M.Malama has made the following assessment to be paid into court by former ministers who served between May and July 2016 after Parliament was dissolved.

The Constitutional Court has ordered PF minister who stayed in power illegally after parliament was dissolved on 2016 to refund the people of Zambia about K65, 000 each.

Unfortunately the thieves have not been punished for drawing salaries from the government coffers illegally. They have only been told to refund.

The 63 ministers were sued by the UPND and the Law Association of Zambia who sought to recover the money stolen from government. Clearly a criminal offence was committed here and it will be in order for interest groups to pursue criminal charges either now or in future. After, all umulamdu taubola.

In this matter, United Party for National Development Secretary General Steven Katuka and the Law Association of Zambia sued the Attorney General, Ngosa Simbyakula and 64 others in the Constitutional for illegally overstaying in office.

Despite being found guilty, the illegal ministers have been resisting paying back by going back to court to raise unnecessary questions.

See list below;

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