Minister’s wife gets ZESCO key job

Minister’s wife gets ZESCO key job


👉🏾Just yesterday, President Hichilema was complaining about corruption creeping into his government

👉🏾UPND condemned PF for such nepotism

Minister of Green economy and Environment Collins Nzovu has joined the beneficiaries whose wives have been given jobs in state-owned enterprises.

Nzovu’s wife, Shezzipe Banda Nzovu has been appointed as Head of Procurement at ZESCO.

Commerce Minister Chipoka Mulenga’s wife, Likonge Makai Mulenga, was appointed as Board Chairperson of the Rural Electrification Authority (REA).


In case you missed this:

In case you missed this 👇


Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Eng. Collins Nzovu writes:

The media needs to be responsible and not incite hatred against public servants. The Managing Director and all new directors at Zesco are previously Zesco employees who are highly qualified but were victimised because of alleged belonging to the opposition. Shesippie Banda Nzovu is a Zambian, highly qualified for the job and with the necessary requisite experience to run the department suffered the same fate. Shesippie Banda Nzovu is not a new person at ZESCO or in this department she has just been reinstated. The cream is back to Zesco and watch the space, Zesco will start performing again

This lady despite her high credentials suffered because of her acquired name, should she continue suffering because of the same name? isnt she a qualified zambian with the necessary experience?

ZWD RESPONSE: we understand Nzovu’ s anger. It’s annoying to be exposed. But we know this: when ZWD was fighting corruption, brutality , nepotism and tribalism by PF, Nzovu was eating with PF. When we risked our lives to document tribal segregation at Zesco, Nzovu was eating with PF. Does anyone in this country remember Nzovu condemning PF? Which victimisation is Nzovu’ talking about? Does Nzovu’ know what the Watchdog team went through during PF for him to say we are irresponsible today because we have exposed his corrupt wife? Bwana, those benefits you are enjoying today as minister, people died to achieve them. You must thank ZWD every day a salary hits your account. It came at a heavy price. People were maimed physically and others still have physiological injustices. At least eat with humility
But here is our promise to you: we shall fight vice in UPND like we fought it in PF. To us, wrong is wrong no matter which person or tribe is committing it.

You can call us whatever you want we have been called worse things.

You can not intimidate ZWD.

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