Health ministry confirms patient quarantined for possible Ebola in Mumbwa

The ministry of health has confirmed that doctors at Mumbwa district hospital are investigating a patient for possible Ebola.
Ministry of Health acting spokesperson Denis Mulenga was quoted by ZNBC on Sunday morning saying the patient is still quarantined. 

On Saturday, the Watchdog revealed that doctors at Mumbwa District Hospital in Central province were investigating two cases of possible Ebola.
Hospital authorities are refusing to disclose details but sources say a man who recently travelled from Congo is been held in isolation as doctors are examining his disease to see if it is Ebola. Sources further say a nurse at the hospital has also shown signs of Ebola.

The first suspected case involves a Congolese truck driver who recently entered the country and fell ill in Mumbwa.

He has been in isolation since Thursday September 4, 2014.

In confirming the development, Dr Mulenga said the patient has dysentery and was vomiting but said his condition has improved.
Dr Mulenga however said the patient is not a truck driver but gave no other details of the man’s occupation.
Dr Mulenga praised his ministry for acting fast to quarantine the patient and said this shows how the ministry is prepared to handle Ebola.

He however did not rule out the possibility of the man having Ebola and said nothing on the tests except that the man is still in quarantine.

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