Ministry of communication hires PF cadre to prepare rigging polls


Yese Bwalya

Yese Bwalya

Dear Editor. Hide my ID for obvious reasons.
This PF Government will do anything and everything possible to ‘win’ this year’s elections. Its like they know that just like Ugandan President Museveni ‘won’ elections without winning they will do the same. Just like Museveni did, they will switch off all Online and Social media (facebook, tweeter, watsapp etc) on the day of voting to stop people from communicating any evidence of rigging and transmitting elections results. This will be done through ZICTA and Zamtel which controls the whole internet infrastructure in Zambia. To implement this scheme, the government has transferred top IT Specialists at the Ministry of Communications. The Senior Officers who have been transferred are Mr. Mbasela who was Director and his Deputy Mr. Milner Makuni. The government has since employed Yese Bwalya a known unqualified PF Cadre who is specialized in social media from the street as Director replacing Mr. Mbasela. Yese Bwalya is a close friend to Emmanuel Mwamba and PF IT specialist Kunda Chinyanta who was suspected to have helped in rigging last year’s Presidential elections but was not paid for the dirty job.
We plead with the true opposition parties to take this WARNING seriously. Human Journalists, or even guerilla journalists like Mr. Watchdog can go to Communications Department at Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ridgeway, Lusaka to verify this sad development of employing an unqualified cadre from the street to DIRECTOR the highest position in government ministries.

ZWD comment: Yese Bwalya is a well known crook operating in the NGO circles. He studied computer science but because he is dumb, he could not get a proper job in the proper way. So he has been swindling and crooking donors such as IICD and others in the name of developing ICTs.

Apparently donors have now known him and have cut the dollars so he has gone where all crooks go: PF.

It is true Yese Balya has been given a job at ZICTA. On one of his social plaforms, he has described his new role at ZICTA,as that of Social Media Strategists. Strategic use IT for VIPs, responsible for strategic planning, understanding of the electoral system in Zambia, Mapping of population and understanding developmental projects impact on communities. Analysis of complex issues and preparing high level strategic reports and presentations for top leadership.



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