Ministry of education transfers of teachers and HIV


Allow me some space to express what I have observed over the years regarding the manner in which the Ministry of Education is giving a deaf ear to issues of staff posting and HIV.
While we appreciate that civil servants are expected to serve anywhere in Zambia, it is also not good to pretend and think that all is well with what is going on in the Ministry of Education. My marriage is on rocks because this ministry has put in place a system that separates legitimately married couples from each other in the name of satisfying their payroll system and transfers.
My wife and many others indeed have been subjected to denial of conjugal rights because they have not been allowed by this system to be transferred and join their husbands. This scenario, unfortunately predisposes couples to the ills of infidelity. We are just human. What is worse is that even to write a letter takes them months.
 I have in mind the manner in which the Provincial Office in Kabwe has taken over two years to process a transfer for my wife from Chibombo to Lusaka. My wife has been going to this office following up a letter which is already typed but Human resource officer is unable to sign it. PF government check this system because we are losing the battle against HIV.
Concerned Husband

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