Ministry of health PS Peter Mwaba is a thief: He should not hold public office

Ministry of health PS Peter Mwaba is a thief: He should not hold public office

10th January, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ministry of health Perm sec is a thief: He should not hold public office

Dr Peter Mwaba, the current permanent Secretary of Ministry of health is a big time thief. He should not be a controlling officer for an important institution which deals with donor and public funds.


He literally steals money form each and every account he controls. When he was Medical superintendent of UTH, there were audit queries which are still outstanding. The latest is the American treasury account (G2) responsible for the funding of numerous health-related projects to help improve Zambian health and also place Zambia on the international research scene. This account is a Centre for infectious Diseases (CDC) account which he (Peter Mwaba ) has been a control officer since 2006.

Evidence shows that he has been written to explain, with his colleague where the USD356,601 plus a further  USD6,825 (total about  K1.8 billion) to explain. Three months down the line they have no answers.

Funds from this account are stolen through ‘borrowing’ monies through research signotories (e.g. through kankasa), or by creating a ‘need’ with a project e.g. purchase of equipment to be used in the project but  then provide blown up figures on submitted receipts. As a permanent secretary he should have relinquished being a key research investigator on all numerous researches due to conflict of interest. It is now clear why he has hang on to them.

At the moment funding  the American CDC suspending funding to many health-related projects in Zambia which were means to provide data which will improve care for Zambians until explanations are given by Peter Mwaba. Further action will be taken federal government against activities in Zambia.

Further theft have gone on by this officer from other accounts which are fully funded projects. For instance on one of the researches (projects) on which he controls funds laboratiory reagent are fully budgeted for, but has a deficiency more than K220 million.  Peter Mwaba had to borrow from reagents from another project.

He owns many houses with a multibillion farm. Recently he built structures to house more than five thousand chickens to lay 5000 eggs per day. Few weeks ago he ordered K36 million cash worth of chicken crates. Where would a civil servant get such monies?

Overmanned wings are the right gear to investigate this public officer. Public monies are in serious danger.


Concerned officers

(Ministry of Health)




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