Ministry of lands rotten corrupt

Ministry of Lands has a Den of Thieves as Civil Servants, Government Must Act

By Oscar Chavula

Three years in a roll, I have gone to my Njolwe plot along leopards hill road, exactly 15 km from the boom gate and found it cleaned up by an elderly man who does piece works around that area.

At first it did not bother me much really and didn’t want to dig further as my plans were still way off.

But last year,I had a nasty experience with a consummate land scammer who stringed me along for years for land he didn’t own or have (if the matter wasn’t in court, I could have named him too), so my senses have been heightened to the max.

Last weekend, I felt the need to go there just to see what’s happening, this time, only my land was cleared, and I hated the idea of having my trees indiscriminately cut.

That raised my alarm bells to level 5(Red). So I hang around to find out what is going on and the old man was gracious enough to tell me the tells of the owner of the land he clears yearly without fail.

So I told him that the land he actually diligently is my land. He chuckled, but i could see he did not believe me but he asked me one question which opened pandoras box, Do you work for the ministry of land? I said NO.

Then he confidently retorted, then thats not your plot, because the owner of this plot owns this one that one, and the one on the corner, his house is on the big plot behind that new wall fence there, I clear them every year.

I knew the scam was extraordinarily big, so I decided I will take time this week and establish what the correct position is on my so called land and the area at large.

First on my agenda this week was the Ministry of Lands. I quickly established nothing had happened to my “plot” it was a genuine mistake by the wife of the ministry of land surveyor who mistakenly pointed at my piece as one of their many, so the old man got stuck in the old narrative until today when we clarified the numbers. My sigh was that of relief but shrouded in disbelief too.

I stuck around the ministry longer and visited a few offices to just “innocently” establish the facts about the area, after being tossed to and fro i was slowly seeing it for what it is.

By Thursday afternoon I had lost my mind at the depth of the rot and extreme permissiveness, there truly is no honour amongst thieves.

There are simply no gate keepers and everyone is in a way looking for clients for their own cheaply acquired land or some sort of deal.

I can confidently without equivocation say the Ministry of land is a den of fully accomplished and established thieves, rotten to the CORE with no soul. Here is why I say so, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Out of the 26 plots in the area where mine is,16, not 2, 16 of them openly belong to two (2) Ministry of Lands surveyors (current employees), their wives or in the names of relatives, house keepers or former maids.

It took me 3 days not 5 years to find this out without exaggeration or malice.

The one plot next to mine is sold to a Mr. Banda (first name withheld) who lives in Australia, but the title is in a good Ministry of Lands surveyor, who sold it to him for 190K.

How on earth can we have a Ministry whose employees’ primary goal is to demarcate huge tracks of land to themselves or acquiring land dubiously and cheaply only to sell it exorbitantly to ordinary citizens desperate to own land?

Corruption, cannot RESIDE in one ministry this openly and this long without anyone thinking this is not right nor is it fair! Even in failed states, THIS IS UNHEARD OF.
Its a den of white collar thieves without care, consciences or a shred of fear!


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