MISA board director Haguta abandons his 3 children

MISA board director Haguta abandons his 3 children

Haguta’s children with their mother

One of Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA Zambia) board director Hyde Haguta has abandoned his three children in preference to spend his separation package from ZNBC on his shared concubine Hellen Mwale.

Hellen Mwale is the unelected, interim chairperson of MISA, having overthrown the elected chairperson, Nalumino.

Haguta divorced the mother of his three children in 2014. He was ordered by the Kitwe High court to pay his ex-wife K100, 000 as a lamp sum but also to continue meeting bills for his children. This was about the time Haguta received close to K500, 000 from ZNBC when he was retired in ‘national interest.

But Haguta defied the court order and instead spent the money on Hellen Mwale, who in appreciation nominated him as a member of the MISA board. Haguta was not elected into MISA but brought in by her lover Hellen.


Haguta refused to pay his wife the K100, 000 as ordered by the courts and refused to pay school fees for his children despite having money from ZNBC and a salary from radio Phoenix. The children have since been suspended from school for non payment of school fees.


Last year, the bailiffs had to pounce on Haguta and auction his car but only realised K16, 000. He still owes the ex-wife more than K80, 000 and the Watchdog understands that, once the ex-wife approaches the bailiffs, Haguta will lose even the BMW he currently drives plus other property he could own.

According to court documents, when Haguta received the money from ZNBC, he did not even disclose it to the children as he was busy drinking with Hellen.


Haguta lastly saw his children in 2015 and does not care what they eat.


A relative to Haguta told the Watchdog that: “As I am giving this information, kindly note that the 2 boys are stranded and stuck at home because Hyde has refused to send money for tuitions, the boys attend class in slippers and yet the father is alive. They are doing g12 and they were supposed to be in class on Monday (if anyone can help pay for tuition K1000, for both them, the family will appreciate. These are kids that go to boarding school without soap but they pass, they got awards on open day last week on Friday.’

This is the caliber of people running MISA.

Next we shall tell you about the acting vice-chairperson of MISA, Elizabeth Mweene Chanda another unelected imposter PF prostitute.


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