MISA condemns ZNBC


The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia has questioned the effectiveness of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and also condemned the biasness of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

In an exclusive interview with the Zambian Watchdog, MISA Zambia Chapter chairperson Helen Mwale said she was disappointed with both IBA and ZNBC over elections coverage. Ms. Mwale said IBA promised to release a preliminary report on how media houses especially ZNBC has been covering elections but three weeks before the elections nothing has happened.

” IBA promised to release a preliminary report on election coverage and our interest is ZNBC because it is a public braodcaster using tax payers money. Where is the report? What is the status?” She asked. Ms. Mwale said it was very clear to any normal human being that ZNBC was biased towards the PF in elections coverage. ” Forty minutes of the entire ZNBC news is Edgar Lungu and PF. Are other parties not campaigning? Why should people continue paying TV Levy and subsidising a public broadcaster that is one sided? Why why?” She lamented. The MISA board Chairperson said as it stands, ZNBC was in breach of the laws of the land because the National broadcaster is mandated by the law to bé fair and neutral. ” How are people going to make informed decisions if they can not hear the other side of the story. ZNBC is mandated by law to get views from both sides. ZNBC is mandated by law to cover everyone and that is what it means to bé fair. Not the current scenario where only PF is covered. If the opposition is covered abit then it is in the negative. No we can not allow that. We as MISA are disappointed with both ZNBC and the IBA” she said.

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