MISA says NO to banning social media, online is for public interest

A three man Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia delegation has categorically told a parliamentary select committee on Information and broadcasting that government must not interfere with the operation of social media and other online media as they have proven to be a courier of message of public interest.

Appearing before the Kabinga Pande led committee in Wesley Nyirenda committee room at parliament buildings, Acting chairperson Hellen Mwale accompanied by National director Hebert Macha and board member Wilson Pondamali submitted that Zambia still harbored laws that hindered freedom of expression which was a birthright and criminalised journalism such that the only hope for the public is social media and online publications.

The MISA team also praised the Zambian Watchdog for making the draft constitution accessible to the public after ailing dictator Michael Sata abducted the document from the technical committee.

The PF government is hatching plans to ban social media and criminalise the accessing of some online publications like Zambian Watchdog, as confessed by ceremonial vice President Guy Scott and communications minister Yamfwa “Ichipuba Chesu” Mukanga.

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