MISA Zambia suspends board member Wilson Pondamali

MISA Zambia suspends board member Wilson Pondamali

State house controlled MISA Zambia has resolved to suspend board member and renowned media activist Wilson Pondamali, but some members have protested the suspension and are since calling for an extra ordinary general meeting to resolve many outstanding issues including financial abuse and corruption.

The letter dated 16th August and irregularly signed by Chairperson Hellen Mwale, vice chairperson Elizabeth Mweene Chanda, Dismissed Radio Phoenix news editor Hyde Haguta, Catholic Priest Father Freeborn Kibombwe, Accountant Sarah Banda, legal advisor Beatrice Mulamfu states that “You are being formally charged for misconduct by a board member. The board finds that your postings on the MISA Revolution forum is incompatible with your office as a board member”.

Pondamali has also been accused of divulging information relating to discussions of the board and that he has been isolating himself from decisions collectively made by the board.

But in reaction to the suspension, Pondamali says he will not be shaken by people who have decided to auction the fight for improved rights of journalists and that he will not be party to collective wrong doing such as protecting people that have swindled the organisation out of huge sums of money.

The main reason Pondamali has been suspended is that he is a preferred candidate for the MISA presidency as many members have endorsed him and state agents have fear that MISA under his leadership will be a strong critic. The compromised Hellen Mwale leadership has contributed to most donors pulling out of MISA funding as there are no tangible out comes.

Meanwhile the Watchdog has received a dossier of how Press aide to Germany Kellies Kaunda working together with some of the board members who want Pondamali out of MISA swindled the organisation out of over K50,000 and want to write off the money while Pondamali is in suspension.

The organisation has also had some scandals of fraud but that shall be tabulated in subsequent articles. Tomorrow we start with Hellen Mwale and how she is getting funding from PF directly and through a crooked boyfriend who is a contractor. Then we will also expose how much Hyde Haguta has been getting from Bowman Lusambo to advance PF interests before he was fired from Radio Phoenix, we will also write about Elizabeth Chanda’s elevation at the department of mass communication at the University of Zambia where she is a lecturer. This Elizabeth is the wife to Judge Charles Chanda who was allocated the treason matter involving UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and five others.

We are still gathering more dossiers about the other three board members, who according to our understanding may just be following blindly.

ZWD advise to journalists and Pondamali: Pondamali should hire a good lawyer and apply for an injunction to restrain this board from stopping him from exercising his rights to contest the chairmanship and journalists must raise a motion and call for an extra ordinary General meeting and remove this incompetent board because PF wants to use this MISA to cripple several media houses. The ball is in your court.

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