Misappropriation of Grants and incompetence at Kaputa Medical Office

Hide my identity. I would like to express my disappointment in the current management at Kaputa health office. I’m one of staffs working with him in one of the offices.

With the coming of Dr Mwansa everything has changed to worse. Health centres no longer receive grants as it used to happen before he came. But when U enter the office U see documents indicating that 30% was given to health facilities. We asked one officer who said that allocation was justified  it was used to construct a wire fence at the hospital. No stationery in centres, no cleaning materials, no food for pts, no allowances for staffs for EPI programs When he is going out on government duty he gets allowances in advance. But other staffs going for same program will get after 4 months. If there is a workshop he informs staffs through phone calls.

When they report and claim for allowance he will just say: ‘attach an invitation letter.’ Even when U call for an ambulance he’l just say there is no vehicle. Look for a vehicle there and we’l give him fuel when he brings the patient.’ Sometimes he sends a vehicle the following day when the pt is almost dead. Worse still he doesn’t fear or consider maternal deaths. When he is called to review the pt he prescribes drugs on phone and come the following day hrs.

Currently no centre in the district has a running motorbike. So no outreach programs being conducted in the district. And I feel bad for the innocent children for poor health care. He doesn’t get advice because he is the Doctor. Former administration of clinical officers was better.

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