Misconduct of expatriates at Dangote


We have complained to many authorities about the slavery conditions at Dangote but no one has listened to us. We have decided to go Public so that maybe the President (His Excellence Dr. E.C. Lungu can hear us and take action). Each time these authorities came to Dangote, they went back with fat envelops and kept quite. The Labour Minister has been to Dangote several times but to no avail. Apart from Slave wages, these Indians are very abusive and use Zambians like slaves. One Indian (Sambashiva Katari) who was fired from Lafarge Cement- Ndola Plant because of human rights violations and gross misconduct, is now Plant Director at Dangote Cement. Lafarge employees petitioned against him and his work permit was revoked. Records are there at immigration. He is a very corrupt man and did rundown the Lafarge Ndola Plant to almost Scrap but we wonder how he has found himself as Plant Director at Dangote. He has very bad language, abuses Zambians and he is almost running the Dangote Plant to Scrap because he does not want to buy spares for the Plant. He has been giving business to his own companies and syphoning company resources every which way. He recently paid about K50,000 to some named immigration official for renewal of his work permit and has continued firing and abusing Zambian workers. He has his two Leuftenants: Dipakkumar Bhogayata and Govind Prasad who are working as HOD-Mechanical and Snr General Manager- Mines at Dangote but are not qualified for the jobs they are holding. These Jobs can be done by Zambians. They are Technicians with no unique experience. They are actually learning from the Zambians. They have no work permits but are drawing Salaries, each, of about USD $8500 per month. Zambians get less than K3,000 per month. These two are very stubborn Indians and use very abusive language to the Zambians. Now, is it lawful for a foreigner to get employed in Zambia without a work permit but on a Business or Student Visa! We call upon Qualifications Authority to examine the papers of all the 3 Indians. Ministry of Home Affairs should take a keen interest into this issue. Also Silondwa Engineering, a contractor under Dangote, has refused the workers their constitutional right to have a union thereby letting his workers to earn as low as K1500. Again its Sambashiva katari and the 2 Indians at play. Human rights commission should make a visit to the plant and see the abuses we are talking about. This is too much. Aliko Dangote himself should take a keen interest also. Only if he knew how the 3 are looting his resources. We wonder how the 3 have gotten their EIZ certificates without work permits, how Mines Safety Department has allowed this to happen. We are aware that Mr Govind has been burned by MSD to enter the mine premises but he continues to defy such directives with no further action from MSD. The 3 Indians are crooks and are related to each other.
Since Ministers cannot help us, we now cry to our President to chase away the 3 Indians and help normalise issues at Dangote Cement Z Ltd.
Concerned Workers.

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