Misconduct of OP officer-in-charge

After an extensive period of contemplation, we Chirundu District Border women have pliably decided to catalogue online our naturalistic observation regarding the conduct of a Ms Chita Sakala, the Chirundu District Intelligence Officer (DIO) under the Office of the President (OP). This woman has seemingly brought mammoth disrepute to the Office of the President (OP) in Chirundu. How? Itemized points 1-13 may shed some light.

  1. She ensures that she is noticed by openly informing literally even people who do not need to know what office she holds in Chirundu where ever her two feet take her that she is the OP Officer in Charge. This is rather kind of peculiar for personnel under this government wing. There is nothing wrong with being an in charge but releasing a ‘music album’ about it does raise eyebrows!
  2. She usually wears very short tight skirts in public exposing her body thighs and the upper part of her buttocks amidst claims that she is married. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes but there is if it is coupled with indecency.
  3. She appears captivated sleeping with married men. She has an affair with the Chirundu Border ZRA Assistant Commissioner who is a married man. She also has an affair with the Chirundu District Council Secretary who is equally married. This history of sleeping with married men dates back to Livingstone where she once worked. There is nothing odd about sleeping with one’s own husband. Oh! This is ‘skirt’ intelligence!
  4. She has a tendency of transferring OP male officers she has had affairs with especially when they damp her. This woman seems to really have a gigantic ‘appetite.’ There is nothing unusual about having some officers transferred but only if malicious.
  5. She is involved in lengthening the succession dispute resolution process in Sikoongo Chiefdom by siding with one of the contenders to the throne for her selfish interests especially that of free land acquisition. This sounds like proper intelligence!
  6. She has plainly told many Chirundu residents that she is ‘untouchable’ because she is going out with the OP Director General. Guarding one’s mouth is a fortress.
  7. She is inclined to using abusive language against any person she quarrels with instead of mutual dialogue and respect. She must be quick to listen!
  8. She has no regards for her fellow women in the district that she calls a ‘bunch of unexposed villagers.’ Does being ‘exposed’ entail talking too much, indecent dressing or sleeping around? She may be right in her own understanding.
  9. She benefits in monetary and goods from unlawful deals at the border. There have been reports that through her subordinate OP officers she sometimes does facilitate unauthorised crossing of foreigners at the Border. At Chirundu border there are OP officers who operate as immigration officers in immigration uniform as part of intelligence, an exercise that is routine government intelligence work just like in some government departments. But it is these people who instead of working professionally get involved in dark dealings in the name of intelligence. It is purported that this dishonest exercise is lucrative. However, this is just one of her unclean deals though more are with ZRA. We all need money but having a huge appetite for it in sensitive government wings is highly questionable. May be this is also part of intelligence!
  10. Together with some ZAWA officers, she uses her office and position to illegally acquire bush meat. This appears to be an offence.
  11. She threatens some Zambians in the district with job loses (using her ever talked about ‘connections’) in Lusaka if they refuse to use her specs for sight. It is not moral to have a prickly mouth in intelligence. May be it is!
  12. She appears not to know her job description by hiding in the ‘I am the OP in Charge’ umbrella. It’s not all the cuisine in a buffet that should be consumed. She cannot be a teacher, a nurse, a village headwoman, a fisherwoman or a clearing agent simultaneously. Nope! Mouth diarrhoea can extremely be dehydrating!
  13. She has on several times misled the government. For example she misled the late Dr. Patrick Chikusu during his visit to Chirundu that Zimbabweans were smuggling ARVs into Zimbabwe from Zambia’s Mtendere Mission Hospital in Chirundu, a scenario which was true not. And when asked to substantiate she failed lamentably.

As an intelligence officer we feel one needs to be authentic overtly and covertly.

We constructed this 1-13 masterpiece from her mouth intelligence, small size of the district and from some of her ‘generous’ workmates. But this is not to say we trust any OP officers because trust is high-priced.

Is what is enumerated above indicative of OP intelligence? Does even telling dead bodies in the graveyard that one is Chirundu OP in charge amount to intelligence work? Well may be it does to her, though we think so not! We respect her opinion though. Despite being erroneous in nature, as human beings and modern people simultaneous, we believe that camouflaged social interaction, being inert and a zip-tight mouth is critical to intelligence work. This ‘Over Permeable’ (OP) in charge must not rationalize her immoral permeability for intelligence. Any institutional human behaviour has a limit which is mirrored by society to establish a semi-permeable being. We just want to expose how exposed she is. We are not against her but her demeanour. She can do better as a marketeer.


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