Misheck Lungu, one of the Permanent Secretaries In money laundering report

Misheck Lungu, one of the Permanent Secretaries In money laundering report

This is Misheck Lungu, he is the permanent Secretary in the ministry of transport and communications.

He is one of the thieves cited in the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) money laundering report for the year 2018.

Misheck Lungu is cited for procurement of passenger vessels for Luapula province where he abused his authority by paying the suppliers of vessels 100% which vessels were only delivered last month from last year. This he did after receiving kickbacks from suppliers.

He is also cited for corruption and money laundering regarding the installation of telecommunication towers by Huawei and ZTE. It is here that he received huge bribes which the police are failing to investigate despite receiving the report of suspicious financial activists on his bank account from FIC.

In fact, PS Misheck Lungu has glaring inconsistencies on most payment at his ministry which he has failed to account for before the parliamentary accounts committee. PAC has even recommended for his dismissal.

Misheck Lungu

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    Those of us from Eastern Province Strongly believe that this is our turn to eat and plunder the national resources of Zambia. I am however ashamed that those that are eating, most of them cannot point at a village in Eastern Province. They come from Nyansaland and are giving some of us who are truly Zambians from Eastern Province a bad name. I think that time has come when Zambia should be truly be decentralized.Each province should have its own Parliament and budget so that those who believe in mismanaging public resources can eat their own provincial resources. I do not think that it is fair that some Provinces and regions should have the monopoly of managing country’s resources as is the case at the moment.

  • comment-avatar
    compareables 2 weeks ago

    Misheck is as honest as is the commander in chief President Lungu.

  • comment-avatar

    Donot dare to dismiss my bruru. Lungus are untouchables you Tonga Bongos

  • comment-avatar
    Spade not Spoon 2 weeks ago

    Aya mashina, they are a curse mwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Eastern Nzika 2 weeks ago

    Mai baba beeee eeeeeeh!!! tabuba,nao aMisheck oiba, mayeeeeee!!!