Miss Universe Zambia’s agent threatens to sue mum

Wendy Chanda Fornari, the local agent for Zambia’ s envoy to Miss Universy says she has instructed her lawyers to sue the mother of the model.

Wendy was quoted by Lusaka based radio 5fm Tuesday midday saying that she feels disgusted, appalled and offended by the accusation that she stole money meant for Andella’s participation in the Bahamas event.

She claimed that she has instructed her lawyers to sue Sandra Chileshe who is based in Cologne Germany.

According to her, no money donated has been used since she has not yet opened a bank account for it.

Andella’ s mother wanted to know what Wendy will use the money for since Andella is already in the Bahamas for the event.

Said Andella’s mother:  “As Andella is already in the Bahamas, I would be interested to know on what Mrs Wendy Chanda Fornari will use the sponsorship money that was intended to facilitate Andella’s trip to the Bahamas and her participation at Miss Universe 2009, considering that Andella is already in the Bahamas and was not given a Ngwee of the raised sponsorship money to get there.”

According to her mother, Andella returned to L

ondon on 1st August after having had a Send-Off Cocktail Party held in her honour at Lusaka’s Southern Sun Hotel, where her Director, Mrs Wendy Chanda Fornari was given cheques and money by sponsors and well-wishers to facilitate Andella’s participation at Miss Universe in The Bahamas.

Andella Chileshe is represent Zambia

Andella Chileshe is representing Zambia in the Bahamas

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