Miss Zambia suspended for demanding rewards

Miss Zambia suspended for demanding rewards

Elizabeth Meanza

Elizabeth Mwanza, who says the title‘miss Zambia’ is her personal property has revoked the title from the current miss Zambia , Louisa Chingangu.

In a typical law of the jungle style, Elizabeth Mwanza says there is now no miss Zambia as she, Elizabeth, has found Louisa guilty of gross misconduct.

Louisa’s only crime is that she has revealed that her rewards for winning the title last December have not been honoured.

LOUISA Chingangu, who was crowned Miss Zambia 2016 last December, has been suspended for what the franchise owners say is gross misconduct for seemingly supporting an online publication that alleged that the organisers have not given her all the prizes apart from the motor vehicle for winning the title.
Platinum Events Productions Africa, who were managing the pageant on behalf of the Miss Zambia pageant, had not given Louisa the job, return air ticket to the Miss World 2016/17 and the K50,000 cash prize as promised.
Now Elizabeth Mwanza a former Miss Zambia in the distant past has decided to abuse the current miss Zambia:

She said is a statement;
‘Miss Zambia 2016 winner has openly supported the false publication and showed gross misconduct ever since the news broke out; we have therefore suspended her with immediate effect as the title holder of Miss Zambia 2016 and has to hand over all properties to the Miss Zambia organisers.’
“The title will remain vacant;dethronedthere is only three months remaining till the next Miss Zambia. Any engagements will be handled by the First Princess [Mwangala Ikacana].
“As a management team for Miss Zambia, we will continue to work harder with all stakeholders and sponsors to maintain the goodwill and the glory associated with Miss Zambia. We are once again thrilled to be working with Platinum Events as our partners. Platinum Events is a dynamic team with brilliant ideas that will uplift the pageant to the next level.

“The 34 final contestants selected for the first boot camp were informed of this. I, Elizabeth Mwanza as the holder of the exclusive Miss World pageant licence personally informed the 10 finalists in a training session and I have nine other finalists and a former Miss Zambia as witnesses to this fact,” she says.
“The current standard prize reward is cash or a car valued at K50,000 which is sponsored by a corporate partner. We didn’t get a partner to come up with the main prize. Platinum Events stepped in to provide the car prize.
“It’s not possible that both cash of the said value was promised with the car as the Zambian pageant does not have the capacity for such a budget without a sponsor’s good will. An individual pledged a minimal amount that was decided to be shared among the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Louisa received sixty percent of the said amount and paid directly from the revenue made from tickets.”
Elizabeth also says that Louisa has shown lack of interest and commitment towards the Miss Zambia.
“I personally had to reach out to Louisa after being briefed of her non-committal attitude. I also got a lack of interest and non-committal attitude to a point of her not responding to messages, calls or set meetings, a first in the history of the Miss Zambia management,” she says.
“I’m of the view that Louisa entered the pageant for the wrong reasons and is not willing to do the work that comes with the title. To date, she hasn’t presented any idea of any project. The Miss Zambia crown needs a title holder with a passion for any good cause, initiative and a people-person.
“Miss Zambia 2016 has been on full information regarding the 2017 pageant and we’re utterly surprised that she can claim not being informed on the upcoming pageant.”

This is actually defamatory on the part of Elisabeth Mwanza. The younger woman can sue and demand compensation for financial loss, damage to her reputation and mental torture.

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