Sata in UK for treatment

President Michael Sata is London for his medical treatment for Prostate Cancer and heart condition the Watchdog has been informed.

A source within State House has told the Watchdog that President Sata will be visiting a heart specialist in London at a Hospital owned by relatives to a prominent Zambian businessman.

The source said depending on the condition, the president might also proceed to India for two days.

The source said Sata was due for review about two weeks ago but had to wait for an opportunity to sneak out of the country which presented itself during the African Union Summit.

The source said Sata urgently needed to visit his Doctors because he wanted to be in good shape during the launch of another grand project called Pave 2000.

The secrecy in the UK trip also explains why Sata sidelined his Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda who he no longer trusts.

All government and PF controlled media were supposed to keep quiet about this development or tell lies like the Post newspaper did by reporting that Mr. Sata arrived in the country and described the AU summit as a success.

After the Watchdog revelation this morning, government quickly issued a statement quoting Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda as Acting President urging Zambians to rally behind the Zambia national team despite the poor performance in South Africa.

He is expected in the country in the early morning of February 5, 2013.

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