Mission of chopper at UPND rally was to kill HH

Mission of chopper at UPND rally was to kill HH


We have received credible information that the chopper that flew over the UPND rally in chawama on Friday was part of a well planned assassination plot on UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

The chopper which was dangling a PF chitenge was meant to agitate the UPND crowd and provoke them into retaliating by throwing stones at the chopper.

In the confusion, a highly trained sniper who was on board the chopper would aim and shoot at Hakainde Hichilema and some other top party officials, then the government was going to issue statement that HH was killed by his own supporters .

The plan backfired when instead of throwing stones at the chopper, the UPND crowd remained peaceful by instead just chanting “We want change” Slogans.

Thanks to UPND Lusaka Mayor candidate Maureen Mwanawasa and former Acting Presudent, Guy Scott who urged the crowd at the rally to ignore the chopper and act as though they hadn’t seen it.

Our sources have disclosed that the levels of desperation from certain quarters have been heightened owing to the growth of HH and the UPNDs support Base countrywide.

“You need to be careful. Extra careful. Our man is not very happy and has become very desperate. He knows the numbers are against him and he is ready to do anything to ensure that he remains on the top seat”.

He further advised the UPND to not retaliate to PF provocations as doing so would have dire consequences.

He disclosed that if things continue like this, the only way out for the PF would be to create chaos that would ultimately make ECZ cancel the elections. The cancellation of elections would only favour the incumbent.

Our sources further stated that the bid to rig the upcoming elections has gone into full swing. The western province, Eastern, Luapula and Northern provinces have been earmarked for rigging.

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