‘Mistreatment of local staff at Zambian embassy in Sweden’

Dear Editor,
My name is Kishan Kurananandan, I work at the Zambian Embassy in Stockholm.
Please help me by publishing my story below about Ambassador Edith Mutale.
Dear Editor in Chief,

My name is Kishan Karunanandan and I have worked at the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Stockholm, Sweden for the past 10 years in the position of Representational/Ambassadors Chauffer.

Zambia Embassy has been a second home to me and I have enjoyed great relations with many Ambassador’s and diplomats who have come and gone in the past years.

However, during the last three to four years we have had Rev. Edith Mutale as Ambassador. This has been a really tough period for all locally engaged staff at the Mission.

Ambassador Mutale recently tried to fire me because I couldn’t drive her to a unofficial function on a Saturday due to short notice. I was informed about this function Friday afternoon when I was knocking off and because of this she tried to fire me. But because of my membership in the Swedish Labour Offices, Unionen, they informed her that she could not do such a thing. She even involved the Ministry of Foreign Affairs her in Sweden who could not support her because it was unlawful.

Since then things have gotten worse she wants to ruin me and get back at me, I have been demoted to utility driver and she has now reduced my basic salary which I have worked hard for. In addition we have not had any salary increment for the past 8 years. She has even delayed in the process of my long service bonus which I am entitled to, having worked at the Mission for a long time.

Her staff at her Residence are also traumatized by the way she treats them, there have been times were they have been shouted at for nothing and asked to resign and sometimes she doesn’t speak to them. Maya and Jaya have worked at Zambia’s residence for more than 20 years and they are treated so badly. In a recent incident she wanted her chef to go and cook for a Namibian party and when Maya refused because that was outside her job contract.

Her sister who works for her as Valet at the residence recently got a salary increment which is unfair to us who have worked at the mission for a long time.

She tries to portray herself as a nice person with Godly values but she is evil. The working environment at the Mission is in total dismay we are no longer happy because she has and continues to mistreat us. It all really comes down to having respect for your fellow humans, colleagues but she treats us like we don’t deserve to work here when we have been loyal staff for many years. She is selfish and only thinks about herself and her family. She has been trying by all means to fix papers for her granddaughter to stay in Sweden even by trying to get her a job in other Embassies in Stockholm. Her granddaughter Binta Mutale is considered an adult in Sweden and should not be supported by her grandmother during her diplomatic post she currently doesn’t have any stay papers and is waiting for the decision from the Swedish migration board.

The Mission receives delegations and visitors from Zambia quite often, every time these guests are leaving she bombards them with suitcases to carry for her to Zambia this was unheard of until she came to the mission. It is so embarrassing for the Mission especially when guests refuse. We are told to save fuel but she is quick to send us to the airport with personal luggage that is forced on someone else.

Ambassador Mutale has missed countless important meetings and functions which she blamed on her poor health. She does not come to work on time and is now avoiding meeting with Unionen to discuss my matter, saying that she is busy when some of the days she is just at home. Soon I will have no choice but to involve my lawyers.

She got a Gastric Bypass surgery to lose weight at the cost of the Embassy.

I have worked with many diplomats and Ambassador´s to just a few, Ambassador Joyce Musenge, Ambassador Ann Mutambo, Mr. Eliphas Chinyonga, Mr. Chalwe Lombe and many more and never have we experienced such treatment.

This woman is really wicked and it is such a shame for Zambia to have an Ambassador of this kind and I really want to inform the right authorities in Zambia of the things she has done and she is doing in Sweden as a representative of Zambia.

There is so much I could share but hope this is enough to get the attention of someone in Zambia. My case is still on with the Swedish Labour Office, Unionen. The locally engaged staff in Stockholm need Zambia to intervene, to know what’s going on and to help us.


Kishan Kurananandan

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