Mistreatment of Zambian workers by Chinese masters at TopStar

Mistreatment of Zambian workers by Chinese masters at TopStar


Help us expose the injustice being caused by this Chinese By the name of Tony Liu working as sales director at Topstar communication company Ltd.

Employees are now working with fear of loosing their jobs in their own country and a company that government claims to be owning 40%shares.This guy is threatening and mistreating Zambian at Topstar communication and now no Zambian has a voice at Topstar not even the Human resources who is supposed to stand for the people.

1.How does government allow a Chinese to come into the country and be sale director of its company in the country which have Qualified people who understand the ethics and dynamics of business in the country and you bring this Chinese who has no idea of what he is supposed to do but end up mistreating workers.

2. Some workers have been working without contracts in his department and moved to higher positions without adjusting their salary but giving them responsibility.

3. There Chinese have been giving employees one year constracts without gratuity, no medical, poor condition of service and in the end not renew their contracts using people like tissue paper.
4.How can people work for over 2 years no salary inclements and yet the company is making money
5.How can a company have no permanent employees every at Topstar is on contract.
6. How can government allow some Chinese come all the way from China and become head of TV sales a job that Zambians can do better.

7. We can’t have a so called Zambian owned company but all senior positions are Chinese in our own country.

8.Now this guy is forcing people to sign a commitment document to sale a certain amount of decoders or face dismissal. Honestly in this economic hardships where every company is struggling with sales you can force people to sign this illegal document and dismiss them if they fail which company behaves like that?

Topstar has alot of Chinese who come in every day and do nothing but increase our population. Please help people at Topstar communication company Ltd who have no representation and expose this injustice from the Chinese.

Zambian workers

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