Miyanda to campaign for Sata?

Former Vice president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda will campaign for Patriotic Front President Michael Sata ahead of this year’s election, the Watchdog has learnt.
According to highly placed sources in both Heritage and PF, Gen. Miyanda thinks Sata is more credible and popular and will win this year’s election.
The source revealed that Gen Miyanda has been following the popularity trends Sata was gaining throughout the country ahead of the election and will soon announce his support for the PF leader just like Mbita Chitala and Mike Mulongoti.
“Although the two leaders have not yet met to discuss the issue of support, Gen Miyanda has indicated to the party officials that Sata is more popular and credible than the other candidates contesting for the position of presidency so he needs support and we must rally behind
him,” said the source.
And sources wishing the PF revealed that there is panic among senior party officials with the support Sata is receiving from even those who where once his perceived enemies.
“For some of us we are worried because especially if this man formed government we don’t know what he has promised these people like Mike Mulongoti, Mbita Chitala, George Mpombo, Fred Mmembe Post Editor in chief and other big guys and there others who are yet to come out in the open to declare their support just like Ba Miyanda,” the source told the Watchdog.
Recently Heritage party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda said he wished that he was as popular as the Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata.
Brig. Gen. Miyanda said that the Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata had sold himself well, which has resulted in him being popular. Gen. Miyanda also revealed that his party will soon decide on which
particular party it will be working with in the 2011 elections.
He said that the party has not yet decided whether to work with any political party or stand in the elections as the Heritage Party.

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