Miyanda’s car broken into as he and other leaders meet ZCTU over suspension of judges

Miyanda’s car broken into as he and other leaders meet ZCTU over suspension of judges

General Miyanda

Dear Editor,

From a sane environment came a sinister event. Opposition political leaders paid a courtesy call at ZCTU offices, next to the undefined Task Force. The leaders included the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, Heritage Party President General Miyanda, ADD President Charles Milupi, MMD Chairperson Michael Mabenga and other opposition leaders. This was on a Tuesday morning yesterday 8th May 2012. The matter at hand was the concern around the suspension of the three judges and the lack of respect of the incumbent Republican President to constitutional obligations. The subject surrounding the suspension of the three judges was well articulated by the opposition leaders and the collusion of the ruling cartel is really taking unprecedented measure.

What prompts me to write, however, is the incident that happened within a space of thirty minutes of the meeting. General Miyanda’s car was broken into during the meeting. He only discovered after the meeting that suspected Office of the President agents forced open his car and stole a laptop with flash disks.

I just want to express my deep-felt feeling for this stupid behaviour by Office of the President. Anyway, I have no hard facts to show that it was agents from state house who broke into the General’s car, but any logical conclusion points in that direction. It was in the morning and the car was parked like any other outside the Task Force area. But a thief could only target the General’s car. The space was just too short for a common thief.

I am only left to wonder what kind of a government we have. We are slowly moving from the victory of democracy to rule of autocracy. From the way events are unfolding, I can see lives being lost over the growing and unprecedented witch-hunt.  If you hold any opposing views in the current era, please watch your back.

Author’s Name withheld

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