Mkushi criminal shot dead was ex convict, but prison authorities deny their man

The notorious criminal who was shot dead two weeks ago was an ex convict saving a six year jail sentence but was pardoned by ailing dictator Michael Sata after saving four years, but prisons authorities have denied the revealation. His name is John Chibelushi of Nabwalya village in Muchinga province where Sata claims to come from.

Of late, lodges in Mkushi and Serenje have faced spates of aggravated robberies, after police ran an operation two weeks ago one criminal was gunned down after an exchange of fire which also saw two policemen seriously wounded, one of the policemen who was shot in the neck was evacuated to Lusaka using a Zambia Air Force chopper.

Ever since he assumed power in 2011, Sata has in unexplained circumstances been releasing convicts who have been incorporated into the PF militia to cause havoc to opposition leaders but most of them have ended up committing more crimes and re-arrested.

State owned Times of Zambia newspaper revealed that the criminal was an ex convict but prisons Public relations launched a scheme to discredit the facts. Zambian watchdog investigations have confirmed that Chibelushi was convicted in 2009 and was pardoned in 2013 on Independence day.

In a media statement, Prisons Public relations officer Doreen Ngoma refuted the claims but we challenge her to verify the records as to who was the cell captain during the brutal beating of Mukobeko prisoners by prisons recruits last year.

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