Mkushi joins red revolution

Mkushi joins red revolution


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema writes below…

Mkushi has just said that: Bally, ka PRESSURE kakuleko! Bally, ukulonga balelonga nangu tabelefwaya!

We agree with abena Mkushi in Central Province and together we should democratically kick out a Government that has caused so much misery. As we distributed face masks to the people of Mkushi, we could see in their eyes, the eagerness to vote for change.

Zambia deserves better. The people of Mkushi deserve food, jobs, investment, and change.

So go and campaign on social media, radio, television, and door to door.

This victory will be your victory, the people’s victory, but above all, God’s victory, for our country.

It’s time for change!

HH aka Bally

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